WP The Easy Way

Your web dev process should run itself, not RUN YOU!

Learn how to build profitable, easy to manage websites for your agency with WP The Easy Way.

WP The Easy Way is a consulting service offered by me, James Thomas, the owner of Square Internet.

I’ve been running a WordPress agency for about 5 years now, and in that time I have gone from building £500 brochure websites to £10,000 complex ecommerce websites.

Before that, I built and exited a digital agency called Square Social, so I’ve been in the agency game for about 10 years now, and know it inside and out.

More importantly though, over the past 5 years I’ve learnt a ton about WordPress, what works and what doesn’t.

When I first started building websites for clients, I hated it. The process was a huge headache from start to finish, the projects would often drag for months and months, the feedback and revisions seemed endless and it was always hard to get paid.

Part of the problem was, not knowing the most efficient way of building sites for clients. Each project it would be a different theme, or page builder, in a constant learning progress, trying to make the next project better than the last.

I started to think maybe it was about the amount of money I was spending on developers, maybe if I just spent more, or had an inhouse team, things would be smoother.

The reality is, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg, and an inhouse team isn’t necessary (though it is helpful).

What helped me turn a horrible process, into one that manages itself, was really thinking about what I’d learned, and systemising it.

Now, when I build websites for clients, the process is simple, smooth and painless.

The brief comes in, the quote goes out, and the websites are built the same way each time. The same tools, the same process, the same timeline. Overall, I have very little input, apart from a small amount of project management.

And, all the websites I build, are profitable. As in, at least a 50% margin on every single project. Because if you aren’t making a good margin on every project, what’s the point? You need that money to pay good people, invest in your business and keep the lights on.

If you pay good people, to follow good processes, things take care of themselves and you can then get out of the way.

If any of this has struck a chord with you, and you think that your current way of building websites is a bit chaotic, lacks process, or could be more profitable, get in touch and let’s talk.

What have you got to lose? At the worst, 15 minutes of your time, at the best – more money, more time and less headaches!