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How Do We Build
Our Websites?

White label WordPress

WordPress The Easy Way

WordPress The Easy Way is a complete system for building websites without a theme or lots of plugins. Our websites are slim, easy to easy, easy to update and fast.

Built with Elementor

Our preference is to always build websites with Elementor, and small amounts of code where appropriate. Limiting the amount of plugins to the bare minimum, and not using a theme, results in slim, speedy sites.

Easy to use

Our websites generally all use the Elementor Visual Builder. This means you can edit 90% of your website without code, or doing anything too technical.

Global styling

You shouldn't have to style each individual page or section. We'll implement your brand styling once, and apply it across all pages and templates, so new parts of your website automatically inherit the styling.

No ACF required

With Elementor, you don't need ACF, everything is already editable. However, if you have a complex site, Elementor integrates with ACF right out of the box, so we can plug in your custom fields to the Elementor builder.

Minimal plugins

You won't need bolt on plugins for forms, headers, footers or sliders. All of it can be done in Elementor, and visually too!

Some Of The Websites
We've Built


Yes, though we mainly build small to medium sized websites using WordPress or WooCommerce. 

Sure can. Using WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, we can build you a highly customisable ecommerce store that can scale with you as you grow.

Everything is managed through ActiveCollab, our project management tool. It’s a bit like Trello, with a few more features. We’ll create an ActiveCollab project for your website build and will manage updates and feedback there.

We can build your website from design files that your designer provides to us, or from a template/theme you select at the outset of the project.

We don’t provide a web design/graphic design service.

Our preferred method is using Elementor, without a theme – https://squareinternet.co/build-profitable-easy-to-maintain-websites-for-your-agency/. However, we can work with any WordPress theme or framework, but the cost may be higher than building with Elementor.

Small brochure sites typically take 3-4 weeks. More complex sites may take a couple of months. If you have a deadline, we will let you know when discussing the project if we can meet it or not. Projects can take longer if there are delays in receiving assets, design files or feedback from the client.

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