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Beautifully designed, Carefully Coded, Easy To Use

We Handle Every Step Of The Process

One-Stop WordPress Agency

Whether you need an upgrade to your existing site, or to migrate from another platform, we will manage every step of the process for you.

WordPress Design

We use an iterative design process to conceptualise, create and refine templates for every page on your site.

WordPress Development

Our development process takes place on a Staging environment and encorporates your feedback every step of the way.

Plugin Development & CMS Customisation

If you need custom functionality or more control over your WordPress CMS, we can build this for you in the form of a plugin or extension.

Easy To Use, Highly Customisable

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. It is an easy to use, highly customisable platform for building websites. With WordPress you can design, build and grow professional business websites at a reasonable cost.

Powers 30% of The Web

Why WordPress

WordPress powers 30% of all websites on the internet. It’s easy to use, highly customisable and can grow with your business. If that wasn’t enough,WordPress is used by big brands like TechCrunch, MTV,Sweden.se, Microsoft, Facebook News and Vogue.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Why Square Internet?

We stick to what we’re good at, WordPress. If you want a well designed, easy to use website at an affordable price, use WordPress. If you use WordPress, why not use a specialist WordPress agency? Hint hint.

Ask Away

Questions About WordPress?

Our ideal customers are small businesses with small to medium sized websites. 

Yes, absolutely. WordPress is very user friendly and many day to day activities can be carried out by your team without code.

WordPress has a number of high quality SEO plugins, like Yoast SEO, that allow you and your team to customise the meta data, sitemap and technical structure of your website. So in short, yes, very!

Of course! Using Visual Page Builders like Elementor, you can create new pages, templates, even custom post types, all visually without code.

No problem, we can migrate your existing website to WordPress. We will design a new website and then import your content and rebuild existing functionality in WordPress.

Arguably WordPress is more equipped to build complex sites than most small agencies are. It’s an open source platform with a huge number of plugins and extensions that can be used to bolt on functionality. Because it’s open source, you can also customize or extend any part of it.

Incredibly so. It’s very easy to build new pages, change designs, or add on functionality, due to the way WordPress is designed.

That depends on the size of the site, and how long you take internally to deliver feedback and respond to any request we make. If your project is complex, your timeline may be larger than average.

Most projects can be completed within 4-8 weeks, smaller websites can be completed sooner.

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