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Woocommerce Hosting UK

In this Woocommerce Hosting UK tutorial I will give you an overview of the best hosting providers for your Woocommerce website, including my recommendation for the best Woocommerce hosting provider.

Woocommerce Hosting UK

There are lots of different Woocommerce hosting providers in the UK to choose from. Unfortunately, this makes the decision quite hard for you, unless you are experienced with hosting and Woocommerce.

Don’t be fooled by super cheap prices or fancy branding, the best provider in the UK actually has (relatively) dated branding and design.


GoDaddy have the best marketing and branding out of any Woocommerce hosting provider. They don’t however have the best offering and service.

GoDaddy are a good option for buying cheap domains and pointing them over to Siteground.

GoDaddy are not a good option because their customer support is poor and very sporadic. When building and maintaining a Woocommerce store, you will need assistance fairly regularly from your hosting provider on basic hosting maintenance issues and any bugs that arrive.

Having used GoDaddy for 3 years, I can confirm that they are not very good at this, which causes a good deal of frustration and if you are not a technical specialist could end up costing you a lot of money as GoDaddy will try to charge you to resolve even the smallest issue.

Woocommerce hosting UK


Siteground are the best Woocommerce hosting UK option. They have exceptional customer support, great value for money and an amazing track record.

Over the past year I have begun migrating all of my old websites from GoDaddy to Siteground.

What makes Siteground different is their customer support. If you have an issue with your hosting, you can have it resolved within minutes using their live chat functionality, where you will talk to an actual trained developer not a sales person walking through a FAQ set of questions.

Not only this, but Siteground actually DO rather than putting the onus on you 24/7.

Cannot stress enough how much better a company than GoDaddy they are.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and don’t look back.

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