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Woocommerce Change Product Permalinks

Welcome to my Woocommerce tutorial – Woocommerce Change Product Permalinks.

In this simple tutorial I will show you how to change the permalinks on your Woocommerce products.

I’ll show you a simple way to change the permalink on an individual product, and I’ll also show you how to do it sitewide for your products or categories.

Woocommerce change product permalinks

There are two easy ways of changing the permalinks on your Woocommerce products.

The first method is to change the permalink on an individual product.

Changing the permalink on one product

The first solution on my Woocommerce change product permalinks tutorial is a quick fix allowing you to change the permalink on a single product. To do this, first of all you need to open up your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the product whose permalink you wish to change.

So follow these steps to do this:

  1. Access your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click Products
  3. Find the product you wish to edit
  4. On the permalink at the top of the page, click edit
  5. Type in your new permalink and click save
  6. Make sure you setup a redirect if this product has any links pointed to it
  7. Voila!

Woocommerce change product permalinks

Changing Woocommerce permalinks on multiple products or categories

Next on Woocommerce change product permalinks, let’s look at how we can change Woocommerce permalinks on mutiple products or categories, across your whole store.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click Permalinks
  4. Scroll down to Woocommerce permalinks (optional)
  5. Choose the URL structure you would like for your Woocommerce products
  6. Click save changes

If you aren’t sure where to start with this, I’d recommend checking our Yoast’s guide – The perfect WordPress Permalink structure.

Woocommerce change product permalinks

When making changes to your permalink structure, make sure you do your SEO research beforehand and make sure you put in place any appropriate redirects to ensure there’s no loss of links or broken links on your Woocommerce store.

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