Automattic Sells WordPress – Will Your Website Data Be Sold For AI Modelling?

Last Updated on 1st March 2024
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You may have seen in the news recently, that Automattic, the company who owns WordPress, is in talks with OpenAI and Midjourney to sell them data. Well, what does this mean exactly, and will it impact you, or the data from your WordPress site?

Will WordPress sell your data

Who are OpenAI and Midjourney?

If you didn’t know already, they are two of the biggest players in the AI space, and OpenAI is behind ChatGPT amongst other things.

Will my WordPress site be affected?

Let’s make this very simple and avoid any unnecessary worry. There are two types of WordPress website:

  1. websites – hosted by WordPress. If you visit to sign into your website, your data could be affected.
  2. WordPress websites – these are self hosted and use the WordPress CMS. If you visit to log into your website, your data will not be affected.

What if my website is affected?

Due to backlash over this announcement, Automattic has announced they will be offering an opt out for users, so they can ask that their data not be used for AI training or modelling.

If you are particularly worried about your data, now might be the time to move your website from to a self hosted version of WordPress.

How do I move from to WordPress

Thankfully the process is simple, in most cases.

  1. Export all your WordPress content/data
  2. Create a new site using WordPress
  3. Import your images
  4. Import your data
  5. Update your permalinks
  6. Redirect your old site to your new site