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What Is A WooCommerce Vendor?

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What is a WooCommerce vendor?

A Woocommerce Vendor is a user who is able to sell through your store.

This refers specifically to the Woocommerce Product Vendor’s extension, which allows you to turn your store into an online marketplace, where either anyone can register and sell their products, or select groups of people can apply to sell through your store.

Multi vendor marketplaces

Another way of referring to these sorts of marketplaces, is as multi vendor marketplaces, which is how they are typically described.

Multi vendor marketplaces are fully managed marketplaces where everything is managed via the WordPress CMS.

Users can visit your website, signup using built in signup pages, create profile, upload products, set prices and start selling.

As the marketplace owner, you can set and determine how your marketplace works, including the commisison level for any Woocommerce vendor, or you can set this globally.

WooCommerce vendor features

Woocommerce Product Vendor’s comes with a lot of interesting features, including:

  1. Vendor registration form
  2. Vendor profile customisation
  3. Vendor payout settings
  4. Generate vendor approval emails
  5. Vendor order and product management
  6. Intuitive vendor commission management system

Woocommerce Vendor

Woocommerce Vendor Commission Management

How to use WooCommerce Vendor plugin

Woocommerce Product Vendors is a plugin that can turn your store into a multi vendor marketplace.

There are many different reasons you may wish to turn your store into a multi vendor marketplace, such as:

  • Creating a marketplace for authors to sell their designs
  • Creating a property marketplace, for agents to sell or list their property
  • Creating a new and unique marketplace, that fills a gap in the market that isn’t currently met

The uses cases for Woocommerce Product Vendors are endless, and having used it myself, I can confirm that it’s a super useful plugin and very easy to setup.

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