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What do I need to start a WordPress website?

Many businesses approach me with the question – what do I need to start a WordPress website.

To start a WordPress website you need to purchase a domain and hosting then install WordPress to your domain using your CPanel, or equivalent.

Depending on what you are using the website for, you may need to purchase a WordPress theme. There are free themes available from the Theme marketplace once you install WordPress, but they may not be fit for purpose.

In this sort guide, I will provide simple steps on how to do each of these things.

Purchasing a domain

A domain is your virtual address on the internet. Visitors will type in your domain into their browser bar and use that address to visit your website.

You can purchase a domain from any major hosting provider, or a standalone domain purchasing company.

Not all domain providers are created equal, so we would recommend you purchase your domain from Siteground.

What do I need to start a WordPress website

Purchasing hosting

I would also recommend that you purchase hosting from Siteground, as they best hosting provider in the world (check their reviews).

You can setup hosting through Siteground for as low as £2.75 / $3.71 per month.

Web Hosting

Install WordPress to your domain

The most important step in our what do I need to start a WordPress website tutorial is to install WordPress to your domain.

You can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your hosting account
  2. Access your CPanel
  3. Navigate to ‘WordPress Tools’
  4. Click on ‘WordPress Installer’
  5. Click on ‘Install’
  6. Install WordPress on your chosen domain and make sure you record the username and password you create
  7. Log into your WordPress backend by adding /wp-admin to the end of your URL

What do I need to start a WordPress website

Buying a theme (if you need one)

The final point to consider in our what do I need to start a WordPress website guide is, buying a theme.

I defined WordPress Themes in another article I wrote titled Why WordPress Is The BEST Platform To Build Your Business or Startup Website On:

“A WordPress theme is a collection of code, functionality and styles that you can install onto your website in the form of a theme. Installing this Theme on your WordPress website allows you to access and use the functionality and styles of the Theme using the WordPress CMS interface, page builders and any plugins provided by your theme, without having to touch any of the code.”

MOST WordPress websites need a theme.

The free themes that are available via the marketplace don’t offer a lot, outside of basic blogging functionality.

You can get powerful, affordable, easy to use themes from Themeforest.

What do I need to start a WordPress website

Find a theme on Themeforest

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James Thomas

James is the owner of Square Internet and helps build, grow and scale WordPress based businesses for a living.