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The Woocommerce Membership Plugin

Welcome to another Woocommerce tutorial on the Woocommerce Membership Plugin.

Are you looking for a way of starting a membership site, or turning your existing WordPress website into one? If so, this short article will give you an overview of the Woocommerce Membership Plugin.

Woocommerce Membership Plugin

Woocommerce Memberships, or the Woocommerce Membership Plugin, is a membership solution that allows you to start selling memberships through your WordPress website.

Woocommerce membership plugin

Woocommerce Memberships allows you to turn your WordPress website into a complete memberships solution.

Woocommerce Membership Features

Using the memberships plugin you can offer the following features through your website:

  • Sell or assign memberships to customers of your store.
  • Grant access to a membership as part of a purchase – for example, bundling the membership with other products.
  • Create an invite only members area which you are able to manually assign memberships to.
  • Offer a yearly or monthly subscription plan

Woocommerce membership plugin

Drip content

You can also set up drip content memberships so that members only receive access to certain parts of content at certain times in their membership, to prevent for example, someone signing up for 1 month and gaining access to all the content.

Woocommerce membership plugin

Setup content restrictions

Not only can you setup a content drip to determine which content becomes available at certain times, you can specify which content is off limits completely to certain membership types.

This is useful functionality for offering tiered membership plans.

For example, maybe your Bronze plan will be allowed access to your basic freebie content but the Silver and Gold plans will get access to exclusive content.

Woocommerce membership plugin

Additional functionality

On top of these great methods of creating memberships, the Woocommerce memberships plugin also provides the following functionality:

  • Create a purchasing club with members only purchasing and products
  • Offer better shipping options to members
  • Create member only discounts
  • Memberships + subscriptions integration
  • Easy communication with members via notes or email
  • Import or export members
  • Sell Team or Corporate Group Memberships

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