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Are you a taxi firm looking for a taxi booking plugin for WordPress?

In this article, I will point you in the right direction, providing an overview of some of the best options on the market and how you can build a taxi booking system for your WordPress site.

What is a Taxi Booking Plugin For WordPress?

A taxi booking plugin for WordPress allows you to book taxi’s through your WordPress website.

Booking a taxi is quite a niche bit of functionality which requires variables outside of what is usually provided through things like Woocommerce and requires your website to be able to process the price in real time based on the input the user provides.

What are the options?

Booking a taxi online is ecommerce, so technically your website would be a Woocommerce WordPress website as it would need to use the Woocommerce ecommerce platform as its base.

There are some plugins on the market specifically designed for the purpose of booking a taxi on WordPress websites, the question is whether they are fit for purpose or you are better off using a Woocommerce extension and having a developer build you something specific for your firm.


Halio is one option.

Halio is a WordPress plugin that works with Woocommerce.

Having not used this plugin personally on a project, I can’t vouch for its effectiveness. It has an average review rating which isn’t particularly encouraging, but doesn’t suggest the plugin is awful either.

best taxi WordPress plugin

taxi booking plugin WordPress


  • Location based fixed pricing conditions
  • Surge pricing for certain times
  • User can choose location, or you can choose fixed locations
  • Draggable map markers
  • Powerful admin area
  • Highly customisable
Try Halio

Stern Taxi Fare

Another seemingly popular taxi booking plugin for WordPress is Stern Taxi Fare.

This plugin is slightly more multi purpose, offering taxi, ambulance and airport shuttle booking systems within the plugin (I didn’t know you could book an ambulance, who knew?)

taxi booking plugin WordPress

taxi booking plugin WordPress


  • Booking Calendar
  • Rules for fixed price (e.g Airport transport)
  • Button Show/hide a map in the form
  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with a e-commerce store
  • Multilingual
  • QR Code Intégration

With average reviews and some simple functionality this could plugin could be worth investigating, but don’t expect the world.

Try Stern Taxi Fare

Taxi Themes

As well as a taxi booking plugin for WordPress, there are also pre built Taxi WordPress themes some of which come with booking functionality.

After spending some time reviewing these Themes, none of them look particularly encouraging.

Here’s a list you can check out yourself including:


Citycab Taxi Booking WordPress Theme

Try Citycab

Taxi Park

taxi booking plugin for WordPress

Try Taxipark

Turbo Car Rental System

best taxi booking plugin for WordPress

Try Turbo Car

Are standalone plugins or Taxi themes the best option?

After doing a bit of digging into the plugins on the market I would have to say no.

If you are looking at offering a taxi booking service through your website it is a much better idea to do it right than try to do it cheaply and provide a buggy, incorrectly functioning website. This could do more harm than good to your brand.

My suggestion would be to build your WordPress taxi booking website using WordPress, Woocommerce and a Woocommerce Extension or to continue processing orders over the phone. But hey, you’re the boss it’s your website!

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