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Welcome to another Woocommerce tutorial. On this tutorial today I am going to show you how to setup a Woocommerce SSL certificate, which is essential for processing online payments on your store.

Woocommerce SSL certificate

An SSL certificate allows you to serve your website over HTTPS, which is the secure web protocol necessary for safely processing online payments.

Stripe, which is the most popular Woocommerce payment processor requires you to have an SSL certificate installed and active on your domain to work in live mode.

So let’s dive in and start setting up SSL properly on your website.

Using Let’s Encrypt

If you host your website with Siteground, you are entitled to free SSL certificates on all of your websites using Let’s Encrypt, which is integrated in to Siteground CPanel. This makes the process a lot easier for you.

Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL certificates that can be issued immediately to your website.

So, to activate SSL using Let’s Encrypt, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Siteground account
  2. Access the CPanel
  3. Click on the ‘Let’s Encrypt Module’
  4. Install SSL against your desired domain

Woocommerce SSL certificate

Woocommerce SSL certificate

After completing the process click on the HTPPS settings and force HTTPS on your website to activate your SSL certificate and ensure the green padlock displays in your browser.

Luckily for you, I recently created a video tutorial on how to setup Siteground SSL!

Web Hosting

Using traditional SSL certificates

If you are unlucky enough to not be hosted with Siteground, and don’t fancy a simple and cheap migration over, you will need to purchase and install a traditional SSL certificates.

SSL certificates usually cost around $50-100 depending on the hosting provider, per annum.

Use these simple steps to follow the traditional SSL method:

  1. Purchase an SSL certificate
  2. Install the SSL certificate using the CPanel SSL module
  3. Force HTTPS on your WordPress website using the Simple SSL Plugin

If you have followed these steps, you should now have successfully installed a Woocommerce SSL certificate.

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