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How To Reset Login Attempts For WordPress

SQL To The Point

Let’s look at how to reset login attempts for WordPress. First of all, excuse the horrible pun. There’s nothing more annoying than locking yourself out of your WordPress website, either when you’ve changed a password or inadvertently put the wrong password in several times.

If you have some experience with phpMyAdmin and MySQL, here is a simple guide on how to reset login attempts for WordPress.

Locate The Database Name Of Your WordPress Website

If you only have one website on your hosting plan, this step shouldn’t be necessary. If you have lots of Add On Domains on one Hosting Plan, an easy way to figure out the table name (if they aren’t named) is to Edit the WordPress Installation via Installatron. Click on ‘Files & Tables’ then scroll down to Database Name.

Open phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin can be accessed from your CPanel, found in the hosting management section of your hosting account.



MySQL Query

Run this SQL Query to successfully reset login attempts for WordPress.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'limit_login_lockouts' LIMIT 1;

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