MODX To WordPress Migration Service

MODX To WordPress Migration
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What Are the Risks In Migrating
from MODX to WordPress?

Common Automated Migration Issues

So How Do We
Do It Better?

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How Does Our MODX To WordPress
Migration Service Work?

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Rebuilding Your MODX Website In WordPress

First, we'll copy the design and functionality of your MODX site onto the WordPress platform. This ensures that your new WordPress website both looks and performs similarly to your current MODX site.

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Content Mapping

During the migration from MODX to WordPress, we pay close attention to detail in content mapping. We ensure each page, post, link, and downloadable resource is properly transferred and correctly placed. We'll also keep the HTML structure and tags of your original content the same. If something is tagged as H1 in MODX, it will be H1 in WordPress as well to avoid any complications.

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Quality Checks & Going Live

After setting up the WordPress site and mapping all content, we move on to extensive testing. We check to make sure that the site's architecture, along with metadata and internal links, has been faithfully replicated. Once you give us the green light, we'll roll out your new site, causing minimal disruption to your current web traffic. Once you're live, we can help you with ongoing WordPress support .

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MODX to WordPress
Migration Checklist

Seamless MODX to WordPress Migration
Service: 100% Manual Process, No Automated Tools Used