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I speak to new small businesses almost every day on the phone or over email and one of the first questions I ask them is if they have Google Analytics setup, and if so, can they grant me view access so I can make an assessment of their current digital performance before making any suggestions about they improve their performance online.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics let’s you measure the performance of your website. It shows you how many visits you get, how many unique visitors, where these visitors are from and the actions they take whilst on your website. Google Analytics is an absolutely essential tool if you want to have any idea of how your website is performing, and wish to improve the performance of your website and online presence over time.

If you have a WordPress website, we recently published an article on how to setup Google Analytics for your WordPress website.

Is it setup on my website?

It’s surprising how many small business owners I speak to that are unsure of whether or not they have Google Analytics setup, or in many cases, are certain it is setup when it actually isn’t!

If you’re unsure, there is a simple check you can use on most websites to see if Google Analytics is setup:

  1. Navigate to the website you want to check
  2. Right click anywhere on the background of the page
  3. Click ‘View page source’
  4. Hold CTRL+F
  5. Type in ‘analytics’ into the search box that appears in the top right (image below)
  6. Click enter
  7. Scroll through the ‘analytics’ entries to see if you can find a Google Analytics tracking code
  8. The code may differ depending on how it’s embedded in your code, or the plugin you use to embed it, but you’ll want to look for a UA- followed by a series of numbers which denotes your unique tracking code.
View Page Source

View Page Source

Google Analytics Code

Google Analytics Code

How else can I check?

Another obvious red flag is if you have been given a Google Analytics account, or set one up yourself, and there is no data showing (or 0 visits across the board).

Google Analytics should even log your own visits, unless you’ve specified to exclude your IP address or created a view to do this.

If you are still in the dark and not sure whether your web guy has set up your Google Analytics correctly, ask for them to send you your unique Google Analytics Tracking ID, which uses the format of UA + 8 numbers + 1 number: <UA-00000000-1>. Once you have your unique Tracking ID, you can use the above method of view page source and CTRL + F to search for this code on your site. If you can’t find it, something’s obviously not right! Ask your web developer why the code isn’t installed or for any explanation of why you can’t find it using this method.

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