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How To Setup Shipping In Woocommerce

In this Woocommerce tutorial I am going to show you how to setup shipping in Woocommerce.

Before you can start selling online with your Woocommerce store, you need to setup shipping in Woocommerce and decide on the shipping methods you would like to use.

How to setup shipping in Woocommerce

The setup shipping in Woocommerce, you need to access the Shipping panel from the Woocommerce settings.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Hover over Woocommerce on your WordPress side menu
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click into Shipping

how to setup shipping in woocommerce

how to setup shipping in woocommerce

Adding a shipping zone

Before configuring how your shipping works you need to set a shipping zone.

A shipping zone is a set of rules that apply to a geographic region.

For example, if you are based in the UK, you could have free shipping for UK customers.

To add a shipping zone, click the add shipping zone button.

Add a shipping method

You’re one step closer in knowing how to setup shipping in Woocommerce.

To setup your shipping zone, give it a name, then select the region you would like to target.

Once you have targeted your shipping region you can add a shipping method by clicking on add shipping method.

how to setup shipping in woocommerce

Pro tip

If you only serve one part of a Geographic region, like the UK, you can filter your shipping zone to apply to specific postcodes only.

Shipping postcodes

Shipping methods

Woocommerce comes with three default shipping methods.

Flat rate shipping

Flate rate shipping allows you to charge a flat amount for shipping.

For example, shipping within the US is $4.99

You could also set up another shipping zone with flat rate shipping charging $9.99 for shipping overseas.

Free shipping

Free shipping allows you to configure a free shipping method.

This could be useful for local customers where there is little to no cost for you to deliver their product, or where you have factored in shipping costs into the cost of your product.

Offering free shipping has been proven to boost sales so this could be something to consider.

Local pickup

Another great option for your local customers.

This method allows you to sell your product to your customer with no shipping cost, instead setting them on a local pickup option where the customer can visit your premises and pick up their product.

Big companies like Argos do this well, and have local pickup options available across the UK everywhere they have branches.

Configuring your shipping method

Next on our how to setup shipping in Woocommerce tutorial, configure your shipping method. 

Let’s go with Flat Rate Shipping.

To configure your flat rate, select flat rate then click edit.

Flat rate costs

Free shipping

Setting up free shipping is a similar process.

Select free shipping as your shipping method then click edit to determine how your free shipping works.

Make sure your shipping methods don’t conflict.

how to setup shipping in woocommerce

There are a few different ways to configure free shipping including setting a minimum order amount and through use of coupons.

Free shipping customisation

Shipping options

Next up is shipping options.

These are fairly simple.

You can hide shipping costs until an address is entered, or enable the shipping cost calculator on the cart page (which is the default option).

You can also determine the default shipping address.

Shipping classes

Shipping classes allow you to get a little more specific with your shipping methods.

For example, if you need to charge extra for big items weighing a lot you can set up a shipping class for this rule.

Shipping classes

Flat rate shipping costs

Testing your shipping

The last step in how to setup shipping in Woocommerce, is to test your shipping works.

If you use Stripe, you can enable test mode and run a purchase through using dummy information.

Or, add some stuff to your cart and proceed to the checkout page and fill out the fields to see if your shipping has been calculated as it should be.

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