How To Remove Storefront Designed By Woocommerce

Last Updated on 17th April 2018 by James Thomas
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How to remove Storefront designed by Woocommerce credit from your footer

In this short Woocommerce tutorial I will show you how to remove Storefront designed by Woocommerce credits from your footer.

How to remove Storefront designed by Woocommerce

There are three ways of removing this pesky credit.

Get Storefront Powerpack

If you just want to get rid of the credit, this is probably overkill

If you are going to want to do lots of editing on your Storefront theme, this is worth purchasing.

Storefront Powerpack let’s you edit your theme top to bottom without touching any code.

How to remove Storefront designed by Woocommerce

$59 to edit your site top to bottom without needing a developer is pretty good value for money.

Use custom CSS to remove it

Another option is to use CSS to remove the pesky storefront designed by Woocommerce credit.

One quick hack is to hide the site info.

You can do by this by using the below CSS:

.site-info {
display: none;

To add this CSS, go to Appearance > Customise > Additional CSS and paste in this code.


One other method would be to use PHP and alter the .site-info contents.

If you want to try this method, first of all make sure you have a child theme installed.

You can download a storefront child theme from this Github.

how to remove storefront designed by woocommerce

Add some PHP in your functions.php file

You can find the functions.php file by going to Appearance > Editor.

Add the below code to you functions.php file.

function storefront_credit () {
<div class="site-info">
<?php echo 'PHP is fun, but Storefront Powerpack will save you time, money and sanity trying to find custom PHP solutions for every little fix on Storefront.'; ?>

Using the functions file in editor

This will allow you to remove Storefront designed by Woocommerce from your site credits.

As shown below.

Custom footer

Hopefully you found this useful and one of these options works for you. You now know how to remove storefront designed by Woocommerce from your website.

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