How To Flush Your Websites Cache

Last Updated on 15th October 2019
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Caching is a great method of speeding up your website, which can be useful both for SEO and usability.

However, caching can also be a pain in the butt, in that it can show old versions of your website to you and your visitors. This can be particularly annoying if you are fixing bugs, adding new features or changing your design.

So here is a quick cheat sheet of how to successfully flush your websites cache:

1. Flush your website cache at the server level

If you are using Siteground, they make this easy just go to your cPanel and search for ‘cache’. SuperCacher is Sitegrounds caching solution, different hosts have different options, but most have a server level cache.


Flush your server cache.

2. Flush your cache at the plugin level

Next up it’s time to flush the cache created by your caching plugin. Most plugins make this pretty easy. For example, with WP Rocket, you simply hover over the WP Rocket in the top WordPress admin navigation bar (the black bar) and click clear cache.

3. Flush your cache at the CDN level

Many websites now use Cloudflare, which adds an extra level of caching to your website. After flushing the server and plugin cache, log into Cloudflare and flush your cache there also.

Hit Purge Everything to purge your cache. Custom Purge is not recommended for beginners, but a viable option for advanced users.

Purge everything Cloudflare