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How To Create A WordPress Menu For Your Website

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a WordPress menu for your website in easy to digest steps, taking you right from the moment you log in to the placement and structure of your menu.

How to create a WordPress menu

First of all, log in to your site.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using WordPress 4.9.4 and the Beans WordPress framework. This is an incredibly flexible theme that is both fast and free, featuring responsive content that looks good on all devices, it’s SEO friendly and has a streamlined front-end library – get Beans here.

Let’s dive in and learn how to create a WordPress menu.

How to create a wordpress menu

Go to the menu area

Next, you need to hover over ‘appearance’ on the left-hand side of your WordPress menu and click on ‘menu’. This will take you to the menu section (see below). From here we can see all of our menu settings as well as an area to create new menus.

How to create a wordpress menu

Click on create a menu

The last step in just creating your first blank menu, just click on ‘create new menu’, enter the name in the text box then click ‘create menu’ button to the right.

How to create a wordpress menu

Menu structure & settings

Now you should be looking at two sections which are important in learning how to create a WordPress menu called ‘Menu Structure’ and ‘Menu Settings’ – what does this mean? We’ll start off with the structure.

How to create a wordpress menu

The menu structure refers to the actual items inside the menu or the content.

How to create a wordpress menu

The menu settings allow us to determine exactly where the menu displays, this can be good for distinguishing whether this menu is going to be your main or primary menu. Depending on what theme you’re using you might also get some other options to choose from here – this will typically be things such as whether it’s going to show a different menu for mobile viewing and whether it will go on the footer of your website.

Add menu content

How to create a wordpress menu

The section on the left contains the menu content which is separated into four boxes – pages, posts, custom links, and categories. If you’re new to WordPress this might mean nothing to you, so here’s a quick overview of what they are.

  • Pages: When you click ‘view all’ you’ll be able to see all of the pages on your website.
  • Posts: This allows you to view all of your blog posts, which is a great way of organising your content and where it appears.
  • Custom links: A custom link is where you can write some text then link it so it takes you to a different page or website.
  • Categories: This is for organising sections of your website.

To add pages, simply click the tick box to the left of the page as you can see above, then ‘add to menu’.

How to create a wordpress menu

Then you add your navigation label which allows you to customise the name of your page and how it displays on your website.

Save it

Finally, click save in the top right-hand corner above the structure section, and you should be able to refresh your website and view your menu!

How to create a wordpress menu

Hopefully, you found this tutorial on how to create a WordPress menu useful. If there’s anything you’d like to see expanded upon let me know, or if you need help with a WordPress project, email me at – Take a look at some of our other tutorials here.

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