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In this WordPress tutorial, I will show you how to create a new user in WordPress.

How To Create A New User In WordPress

You are in luck because it’s actually very easy to create a new user in WordPress.

I will show you step by step using our WordPress development domain how to find the user section in the WordPress dashboard, how to create a user and how to assign that user credentials.

Creating a new user in WordPress can be done in a few minutes and I will show you just how easy it is in this tutorial! We’ll be using the Beans child theme – get Beans here. This is an incredibly flexible theme that is both fast and free, featuring responsive content that looks good on all devices, it’s SEO friendly and has a streamlined front-end library.

How To Create A New User In WordPress

Go Into Users

Next, go to your sidebar as you can see below and click on ‘users’. This will take you to a list of your current users and information such as their email and role.

How To Create A New User In WordPress

To add a new user, simply click on the ‘add new’ button at the top of the page.

How To Create A New User In WordPress

User Settings

Once you have created a new user you can now assign them with required information such as their email and username. You can also opt to fill in other details such as their first name, last name and website.

How To Create A New User In WordPress

For the purposes of this tutorial, instead of making a new user we’re just going to show you how to create one. As you can see above WordPress can randomly generate a password for your user automatically which means it’s going to be very strong by definition and difficult for someone to guess.

User Roles

User roles are very important – depending on who you are giving this user account to, you’ll want to make sure you are giving them the right access.

Author: This would be appropriate for someone who writes blog posts for your website, so they only have access to the posts that they have written.

Editor: This person has the ability to edit all posts, not just their own.

Administrator: That means they have all access to your website, so it would be appropriate for a website developer.

Once you have chosen the right role for your user, click ‘add new user’.

You’ve done it!

You have successfully learnt how to create a new user in WordPress. If there’s anything you’d like to see expanded upon let me know, or if you need help to add a new user, email me at –

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