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What Is Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design is a better method of building business websites. The traditional process for building a business website is broken. Your website is your primary marketing tool and the outward facing persona of your business. For 99% of businesses, their website is a wasted opportunity.

First let’s look at why the traditional web design process is ineffective.

Why Traditional Web Design Is Broken

The traditional web design process is broken for these reasons:

  1. It’s not data driven. The traditional web design process is carried out in isolation from marketing and sales. A business will request a new website and a web design agency will provide a quote based on their own costs, in terms of billable hours. Growth Driven Design involves building a website that is tightly aligned with the sales and marketing goals of the business, and built with their buyer personas in mind. Generally this is done after analysing the performance of the existing website and agreeing upon core sales and marketing goals.
  2. It’s frequently over budget. No business ever gets it right the first time. There are always more revisions than anticipated and significant changes halfway through the project that the client would like made to the website. Using the traditional web design method, this results in most projects going over budget and costing the client an arm and a leg.
  3. It’s a huge time commitment. Typically a web design agency will take between 3-4 months to build a new business website. This is a huge time drain on the business directors and will often end up being late anyway due to the disconnect between the businesses sales and marketing goals, and the scope the web design agency is working to.

The risks of traditional website design

What Is Growth Driven Design?

Growth Driven Design is an agile method of web development. It’s a process of continuous improvement based on the real time data we receive from your website. Growth Driven Design minimises the risks of requiring future redesigns by aligning tightly with your sales and marketing teams to make incremental improvements to your website every month.

The benefits of using Growth Driven Design over traditional web design are:

  1. A website built around your lead generation strategy and tightly aligned with marketing and sales
  2. Quick to launch
  3. Continuously improved to maximise your return on investment
  4. Website improvements are based on validated results and data, not subjective opinions of a web development team
  5. It’s easier to generate leads for your business
  6. Your website never looks or feels state

How Will It Affect My Bottom Line?

99% of businesses now have a web presence in some form or another. Your website is your new shopfront. If your website isn’t tightly aligned with your sales and marketing goals, it’s not going to be effective at attracting or converting traffic online.

If you can’t attract or convert customers online, your website is effectively useless, which means you aren’t going to pick up any new business outside of referrals or word of mouth. This is how small businesses go bust. When the word of mouth dries up and and there isn’t a pipeline of new fresh business, what happens?

This is where Growth Driven Design excels. Your website should be your number 1 salesperson, attracting and converting new customers for you 24/7. Is your website filled with interesting and engaging content? Is it responsive and mobile friendly? Does it rank highly in search engines? Are you effectively converting customers from your ad spends? If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to get back to basics and build a strong digital foundation for your business with a GDD website.

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