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How To Generate 16,500 New Leads Using An Online Quiz

The Foundation used Interact’s online quiz software to generate a staggering 16,500 new leads.

Read this article to find out what Interact is, how it works and how you can use this powerful new platform to generate leads for your business.

What is Interact?

Interact let’s anyone build online quizzes for their business.

And not sucky ones like the kind we’re used to seeing on Facebook. These quizzes are easy to setupgenerate leads, drive sales and integrate with your full marketing stack.

Try Interact

Try Interact

How did Interact start?

According to Josh Hayman, the co founder of Interact, it started on accident.

Josh was running an agency doing web design and marketing for clients and the conversion rate on average was 1% (1/100 people became a lead). One of Josh’s clients asked him to build a quiz and the conversion rate ended up being a huge 75%.

This led to Josh creating Interact, a platform where anyone can build a quiz and embed it on their website. You can watch the full interview with Josh over at WP Elevation.

How does it work?

Interact has three products.

Quizes, giveaways and polls.

Using an interactive drag and drop quiz builder, you can build quizzes, giveaways and polls either using ready to go templates, or by creating your own.

Interact Templates

View Templates

How to grow your business using Quizes

Interact can help you grow in three ways:

  1. Generating leads
  2. Generating sales
  3. Driving traffic

Generating leads with Interact

According to Interact:

Email marketing has an ROI of 43x according to an IBM study (for every $1 spent on email marketing you’ll earn $43 back), and quizzes are the best new way to generate new subscribers. By adding an email capture form to your quiz you’ll get an average conversion rate of 50%, meaning that half of the people who take your quiz will opt in to become email subscribers.

Basically, we all know email marketing is super effective.

And building a list is hard, and gets harder every single day.

The reason building a list is so hard, is because we’re saturated with content and list building tools wherever we go. Marketers are always looking for the next big thing to up their conversion rates and give their list building a boost.

Interact Quizzes

When you replace a standard opt-in with a quiz you can double your leads! – Josh Haynam, Try Interact

Interact lets you convert at crazy rates so you can generate and nurture a ton more leads.

Generating sales with Interact

Did you know that Interact is super effective at driving ecommerce sales?

Within a quiz you can recommend products and services to people based on which quiz outcome they get. Personalized product recommendations generate 230% more sales than non-personal ones so you’ll see an instant bump in your sales. – Try Interact

How does 230% more sales sound?

Take this makeup IQ template for example.

Interact Makeup Quiz

Using this ready to go template, an online beauty store could offer ultra personalised makeup recommendations to new customers resulting in a much higher purchase rate.

Why do you think makeup counters are so effective at making sales?

Driving traffic with Interact

What’s super cool about Interact quizzes is that they are sticky and very shareable.

Facebook was built for sharing fun, interesting stuff.

People love learning about themselves and love sharing quiz results.

On average, 10% of people who take quizzes share their results on social media, so you’ll see an increased presence on social media. Quizzes are so share-able that 3 of the top 5 most shared articles for the New York Times last year were actually quizzes.

There hasn’t been a way for businesses to leverage this at scale before now. By embedding your Interact quizzes on your website, you’re ensuring that every single quiz that gets shared drives traffic to your website and so the quizzes create their own pipeline of leads that fills itself.

Try Interact Share Intro

Try Interact Share Buttons


Remember when I said Interact integrates with the rest of your marketing stack? Well I wasn’t lying, they have a formidable list of integrations and already integrate with all the biggies.


Interact integrates easily with Mailchimp, allowing you to send your leads straight to a list within Mailchimp.

Not only that, but you can merge your Interact fields with your Mailchimp fields.

This means you can add leads with a specific quiz result to a specific list, or segment them accordingly within a list, so you automate a lead nurturing sequence to fire as soon as a lead is generated from a submitted quiz.

Talk about lead generation on autopilot.

Interact Mailchimp integration

Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot

Interact also seamlessly integrates with Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot, slotting right into your existing marketing automation setup.

Interact CRM integrations

Check out the full list of integrations below.

Interact integrations

View Integrations

How to create an effective quiz

The key to creating an effective quiz is to know your customer and have a clear objective.

Let’s use my business, Square Internet as an example.


Our objective is to sell WordPress services to small businesses.

Target customer

Small business owners.

Business owner types

Small business owners is quite broad, so let’s break that down into three business owner types.

The Old School Business Owner, The Entrepreneur, The Solopreneur

Quiz title

We created a quiz called – What Type Of Business Owner Are You

This is an effective quiz because people love to learn about themselves, especially business owners.

[interact id=”5ace1cf418b9bc001458babe” type=”quiz” w=”600″ h=”500″]

Quiz questions

The quizzes work by presenting a result based on the answers people give during the quiz.

We need to create questions that lead our quiz takers toward 1 of 3 possible results.

The sweet spot is around 7 questions.

Create 7 questions each with 3 answers that are relevant to the title and will easily reveal which of the three business owner types each participant is.

Example questions

You need to know your audience inside and out to write effective questions. You could use questions like:

  1. How many times a day you check email?
  2. What does your morning routine look like?
  3. Is it important to you how an employee conducts themselves, or is their performance more important?

These questions are all quite telling into the personality of the business owner and could be used to determine What Type Of Entrepreneur you are.

Quiz questions

Results pages

Make sure that your results pages are short and positive and use images for a better share rate.

People don’t want to hear negativity and certainly won’t share it. After all, a quiz is supposed to be a fun diversion and the last thing someone wants is to hear they are destined for a life time of sweeping streets.

Try Interact Share Intro


Make sure to use simple, clear images.

For your cover photo an image of one person works (ideally a business owner) because we naturally are drawn to faces rather than things.

You can get some free stock imagery from Pexels.

Conquering the opt in form

For your opt in form, make it optional.

You don’t want junk leads who subscribe just to view their quiz results.

If you make opt in mandatory to view quiz results, your conversion rate will be a lot higher, but these leads will be poor quality and a lot will unsubscribe after receiving their results.

Skip Interact option

Lead nurturing

The key to success with Interact is to set up a strong follow up sequence that is tailored to the result of the quiz.

You’ll need to nurture your leads to turn them into customers.

For the best results, your email sequence should contain 4 emails and follow this format:

  1. Email one should provide an extended version of the quiz results
  2. Email two should provide insight on the other business owner personalities
  3. The third email should provide tailored tips for the specific business owner type. For example, How To Hack The Perfect Home Office (for solopreneurs).
  4. Lastly you should send an email along the lines of ‘How can we help‘, and then move the lead into another drip sequence specifically for nurturing leads for your products or services.

Use your quiz as a conversation starter.


How much does Interact cost?

It’s very cheap when you consider how effective it is and compared to other tools on the market.

Interact Pricing

Interact pricing breakdown

How do the plans stack up?

Basically, the Free plan allows you to try the product.

It’s free forever, but you can’t access any of the leads.

This is kinda cool, because you sign up try the product and launch quizzes.

The Lite plan

This plan is perfect for freelancers and new businesses.

Most freelancers and small businesses don’t use expensive marketing automation tools like Hubspot, so they wouldn’t need these integrations to be supported.

The Lite plan allows you to run unlimited quizzes, access up to 60,ooo leads per year, and integrates with all the basics including Mailchimp and Drip.

Pricing is $29 per month paid monthly \  $17 per month paid annually (save $144)

Interact lite plan

Try Lite plan

The Growth plan

This plan is for small businesses and marketers within larger companies.

The Growth plan allows you to hook Interact up to your existing marketing automation stack including Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Maropost and Ontraport.

It also increases your lead allowance to 120,000 per year.

Pricing is $89 per month paid monthly \ $53 per month paid annually (save $432)

Interact growth plan

Try Growth plan

The Pro plan

The Pro plan is for agencies and marketing teams.

On top of the features provided in the Growth plan, you get access to advanced marketing integrations including Act On, Eloqua, Marketo & Pardot.

You also get advanced conversion tracking integrations, which are essential for big teams with lots of data to analyse.

Pricing is $125 per month paid annually \ $209 per month paid annually (save $1008)

Interact pro plan

Try Pro plan


What do Interact’s customers have to say about the tool?

Unbelievable results with Interact!
“…I highly recommend Interact and want to personally thank Interact Quizzes. After just 24 hours of implementing our very first quiz we generated 285 leads.”

Michelle P

Michelle P

Never seen anything like this for lead gen!
…Blown away by this! As a lifelong marketer, I needed a great quiz as an opt-in for my next book, and I wanted a beautiful quiz that integrated easily with my autoresponder. I eventually found Interact and to my astonishment, it is intuitive, easy to use, seamless, updates in real time, and creates a Class A quiz quickly. This is the software I’ve been waiting for! Brilliant!

Wendy K

Wendy K

G2 Reviews


Case studies

Interested to see how Interact has helped businesses in your industry?

Check out their case studies.

The Foundation Case Study

Which Interact plan do you need?

To save you the trouble, I’ve made a little quiz using Interact that will tell you in 30 seconds which plan you need.

[interact id=”5ad0ae8ec989770014485152″ type=”quiz” w=”600″ h=”500″]

Need help driving traffic, leads and sales?

If you need help getting started with Interact, or growing your business online, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to help.

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