Elementor Infinite Scroll Plugin

Infinite Scroll For Elementor

With our extension you can use Infinite Scroll for your Elementor blogs and posts, finally!

Works With Any Elementor Site

Simply purchase this plugin and install it to your Elementor website, you will see the Infinite Scroll toggl appear on your Elementor posts widget.

Endless Scroll Or Read More

Use Endless Scroll where a user keeps scrolling through your posts, or enable a Read More button that triggers the loading of more posts.

No More Clunky Pagination

Say goodbye to clunky Elementor Pagination that requires your users to click through loads of pages.

Simple 1 Click Toggle To Enable

Super easy to activate, just toggl Infinite Scroll to on for any Elementor posts widget.

Post & Portfolio Support

This plugin works with both the Elementor Post widget and the Elementor Portfolio widget.

Choose the perfect plan

If you have just one site, you can get started for only $20 per year! Or we offer an unlimited plan for all your sites.


Per year

Renewal is optional if you would like support and plugin updates after 1 year

  • Single Site
  • 1 Year Support


Per year

Renewal is optional if you would like support and plugin updates after 1 year

  • 1 Year Support

Frequently asked questions

Simply install the plugin to your Elementor site, and you will be able to enable Infinite Scroll on your Elementor Post or Portfolio widget.

It now works with Portfolio and Posts, it does not work with any other widgets.

Yes we do, you can purchase it above.

We offer a 7 day refund policy, if for some reason you are unhappy with the plugin we will refund your money.

Simply contact our support and we will help you get it working 🙂

What Our Customers Say

"Finally there's a way to get rid of clunky pagination on my Elementor sites!".
Richard Patey
Flipping Websites
"Excellent and incredibly competent people!"
Pål Johan Karlsen
"They helped me personally get up and running right away. Superb customer service!!! Thank you!!!"
Don Jean

Plugin Updates

In version 1.1, which was just released, we added a Read More button feature. You can now have infinite loading activate automatically, or by clicking a Read More Button to trigger it. We have included a video below showing you how to use this new feature.

We have just made our plugin compatible with the Portfolio Widget in version 1.2. This is something a lot of people have requested, and you can now use Elementor Infinite Scroll with the Posts widget and the Portfolio widget. 

To use Elementor Infinite Scroll with the Portfolio widget, simply follow the same steps you would for the Post widget.

IMPORTANT – if you upgrade to this version of the plugin, the CSS class required to make the Read More button work has changed to ‘infinite_scroll’. Add this to make your button trigger the infinite scrolling.

Get Started with Elementor Infinite Scroll