Editing Row Structure And Creating New Columns In Elementor

Last Updated on 8th October 2019
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One of the things that confused me when I first started working with Elementor was how to edit the row structure once you’ve already inserted a row.

For such an amazing page builder, I didn’t find this very intuitive. On page builders like WP Bakery Builder for example, there’s a simple option for altering your row structure from a 1 column row to whatever you like, visually or by setting the columns manually.

Initially I spent a lot of time here, trying in vain to alter the structure under the structure setting.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t let you control the row structure outside a button for ‘reset structure’ which I’ve never successfully used.

Making rows bigger by duplicating columns

So it turns out that to make your rows (called ‘section’ within Elementor) bigger you have to duplicate columns within a row.

To do this, you need to hover over a column near the top left until the grey ‘Edit’ button pops up. Then select ‘Duplicate’ from the dropdown that appears, pictured below.

So if you start with a 1 column row and duplicate your first column, you end up with a 2 column row. You can repeat this as many times as necessary, and to create more complicated nested layouts.

If you check out the image below, you’ll see what happens when I press duplicate. My 1 column row has changed to a 2 column row, I now have two identical columns in my row.

This process can be repeated as necessary to add more columns to your rows until you are happy with the layout.

You can then use the same ‘Duplicate’ function to duplicate rows, or save your newly created rows as modules to be reused later across your website.