Duda to WordPress Migration Service

Duda to WordPress Migration
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How Does Our Duda To WordPress
Migration Service Work?

To successfully migrate a Duda website to WordPress, you’ll need to first rebuild it in WordPress and then import all of the content, mapping it into the right places.

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Rebuilding Your Duda Website In WordPress

Migrating your Duda website to WordPress will require rebuilding the existing design, functionality and content on WordPress. This will be carried out on a private staging environment away from your customers and website visitors.

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Content Mapping

After the design and functionality of your Duda website has been recreated in WordPress, the next step will be to map all of the content. This involves moving all of your content, imagery and assets to WordPress and making sure it is in the right place, whether it's a page, post, the header or the footer.

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Testing & Going Live

Once the process is complete, it's time to test the new site. This is collaborative, and together we will want to make sure everything looks and works as intended, and that everything is in the right place (content mapping). We can then help you bring the new site live, and provide you with ongoing WordPress support.

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