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How To Check If Google Analytics Has Been Installed On Your Website

Welcome back to my Google Analytics for WordPress series. In this video I’ll be showing you how to check if Google Analytics has been installed on your website. We also have an article showing you How To Set Up Google Analytics On Your WordPress Website.

Navigate to your WordPress Website

Navigate to your WordPress website. Type your URL into the browser bar and make sure you have your website open in your browser.

View source

Step two. Now you need to hover your mouse anywhere on the screen and right click. You’ll be presented with a sub menu with a number of options. Click on ‘View source’. This will open up the source code of your website, so you are viewing the raw code from the back end.

Use the search function

Now that we’ve got our source code up, it’s time to search through all of this code and I’ll show you how to check if Google Gnalytics has been installed. You may or may not know this, but for Google Analytics to work on your website, you need to have a tracking code installed on every page you want measure. Google Analytics provides this code for you within your Admin Dashboard.

Anyway, back to the tracking code. So, the search function. What we are going to do now is quickly search through all this code to find a trace of Google Analytics, to do this follow these instructions:

  • Press CTRL + F on Windows and Command + F on Mac
  • Type ‘Analytics’ into the search box that pops up, or if you know your Google Tracking ID, paste that in
  • If you can find no trace of ‘Analytics’ or your Google ID, chances are Google Analytics is not installed on your website.

If you can’t find any trace of your tracking code and you believe Google Analytics should have been setup on your website, ask your developer to help you debug this.

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