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Change The Front Page On Your WordPress Website

In this beginners tutorial, I will be showing you how to change front page WordPress to replace the default content provided by your theme.

Change front page WordPress

First of all, log in to your site. For this tutorial, I’ll be using the Beans child theme. This is an incredibly flexible theme that is both fast and free, featuring responsive content that looks good on all devices, it’s SEO friendly and has a streamlined front-end library – get Beans here.

Change front page WordPress

Go into settings

In order to change front page WordPress, we have to go down to settings as you can see below and go into ‘reading’.

Change front page WordPress

You’ll then be met with a lot of options. These can seem daunting at first but it gets a lot easier with time as you learn more.

Change front page WordPress

Assign your page

Click on the static page option next to ‘your homepage displays’ and on the drop-down menu beside homepage, simply pick which page you want to designate ‘home’. Once you have picked your options click save at the bottom to make these changes.

Change front page WordPressYou’ve done it!

Now you have successfully change front page WordPress. When you look at your pages section which you can find in the sidebar, you should have your home page with a helpful label next to it telling you it’s your front page.

Change front page WordPress

Hopefully, you found this post How To Set A Home Page On Your WordPress Website useful. If there’s anything you’d like to see expanded upon let me know, or if you need help to change the front page on your WordPress website, email me at –

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