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For Agencies?

White label WordPress

WordPress support plans

We have two unlimited WordPress support plans that we
provide to agencies on a white labelled basis. Simply sign up for a plan, submit your client support tickets to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

White label WordPress support

WordPress websites

Need help building your WordPress websites? Provide us with the signed off design files and we'll take care of the rest, building your client websites for you from start to finish.


Yes. Provide us with the design files and we can provide a quote. If you are happy with the quote, we can start work, and we will build your website from the design files.

Small brochure sites typically take 3-4 weeks. More complex sites may take a couple of months. If you have a deadline, we will let you know when discussing the project if we can meet it or not. Projects can take longer if there are delays in receiving assets, design files or feedback from the client.

Everything is managed through ActiveCollab, our project management tool. It’s a bit like Trello, with a few more features. We’ll create an ActiveCollab project for your agency, and we can manage any website builds or WordPress support plans within the ActiveCollab project.

Our preferred method is using Elementor, without a theme – https://squareinternet.co/build-profitable-easy-to-maintain-websites-for-your-agency/. However, we can work with any WordPress theme or framework, but the cost may be higher than building with Elementor.

Yes:) Sign up for a plan, and we will create a project for you in ActiveCollab. Then, simply email in any support requests from your clients and our developers will take care of it. As long as we have clear instructions and login credentials, we’ll take care of it, and notify you once complete.

In short, yes. More complex builds may need to be supported on our Pro plan, rather than the Standard plan. We can work with WooCommerce, ACF, CPT etc. We can also help if your site is on AWS or Google Cloud.

The Standard plan is for agencies with small simple requests. The Pro plan is for agencies who have more complex requests, more complex websites, and require faster turnaround times on their tickets.

Most tickets are resolved within 24 hours. Tickets can take longer if we have to respond to urgent requests, your request is complex, there are delays caused by unclear instructions, gaining access to the site, or we are particularly busy. We’ll always do our best for you.

Nope. You can sign up on a flexible rolling monthly agreement with us and we can take it month by month. To cancel, simply let us know before the start of your next months WordPress support. We’re only interested in working with you if it’s a good fit and don’t believe it’s beneficial to lock our customers into lengthy agreements.

No, we don’t communicate with your customers for you.

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"James sorted everything we needed in tip-top-time. Helped us out and sorted our WordPress queries quickly and efficiently. Very professional and would definitely recommend to anyone!"